Saturday, 17 December 2016

Important question... Name for the amplifier

So far I haven't discussed the name for the amplifier, I've batted a couple of ideas around but finally I can now reveal the name I have chosen.

The delay was caused by me designing the graphic for the brass nameplate that will adorn the front of the amplifier (the area in the centre within the black screws on the front).

Having completed the artwork, I can now attach this

This is in the Maori language of New Zealand. Titiwai are glow-worms, a natural occurrence in many of the caves around New Zealand. These sites are all sacred to the Maori people. One of the glow worm sites, the Waitomo Caves, are one of New Zealand's premier tourist attractions.

Waru means Eight. So the name for this amplifier translates directly as "Eight Glow-worms"

The design is with the engraver, brass plate pending

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