Saturday, 3 December 2016

Construction, Part 2

Owing to other commitments that can't be avoided, at the moment I can only snatch 15 minutes here and there to work on the amplifier. Frustrating but that's life. Each 15-minute stretch is divided up into two halves. The first half is spend pondering where to put things and how to make everything fit and look as elegant as possible.

The second half is spent trying to make that happen. A Master Craftsman I am not, so it often happens that something is 2mm too long or too short, necessitating rework.

However, despite the time constraints, there's some progress. A couple of phone pics because I didn't have time to drag the SLR out and do it properly, but since the phone has a Leica camera on it, I think phone pics are sufficient

Trying to be as tidy with the wiring as possible. Using solid (single) core since this stuff is bendable and stays where you put it

Trying to be as tidy as possible with the component leads. My needle-nose pliers make the right-angle bends in the resistor leads easy

As construction progresses, it will become apparent whether my chassis design is too cramped, or well thought out. So far I haven't hit any major issues, putting all the power supply components onto a PCB has certainly been convenient. I am really glad I went through the learning curve of how to do that.

There's a good reason I want this amp to be as tidy as possible: apart from being somewhat of a perfectionist, this has a practical aspect: It's likely this will not be the last amp I build. In fast I already have another that I've been commissioned to build after this one, so this one has to sell my amp-building abilities. 

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