Friday, 2 December 2016

Construction , part 1

No intelligent thoughts or ramblings or decisions in this post, just a few photos of the construction process

Internals. Heaters all wired up, taking care to ensure the same phase of each is connected to the same terminals on the output valves, thus cancelling any heater-induced hum. Tip from Morgan Jones. Power Supply board is my own creation, see earlier post. Small mains transformer is for the standby circuit (remote control) plus it'll power the USB supply for the Chromecast on the back panel 

Cathode earthing for the output valves. These will be running Fixed bias, so the 10Ohm resistor is for measuring anode current

The top of the chassis. Featuring the world's ugliest mains transformer (eagerly awaiting a decorative 3D-printed cover). Note bias test points behind the Octal sockets

Looking pretty with all the glassware installed and glowing

These KT88s have a fairly discreet glow, no great exposed heater piping here

Easily the most beautiful electronic thing I have ever constructed

My horrible small messy cramped workbench. The computer doubles as my oscilloscope. Note amplifier is doing a headstand, the mains transformer is so heavy that it's quite stable sitting like this.

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