Wednesday, 10 August 2016


So my USB oscilloscope that I ordered from AliExpress arrived today. I set it up and did some basic measurements using the signal generating app on my Android tablet.

1kHz sine wave looks OK

Square wave however is a different matter:

Also, the PDF manual contains some fantastic English translations that almost make sense:

"Note: The specific speed recorder with computer processing speed, and if use high sampling rate, the situation may break."


"Note: The oscilloscope factory calibration, if you are not satisfied with the measurements, canmanual calibration, the specific reference oscilloscope instructions."

This scope will be a vital piece of test equipment to let me see what's going on inside the amplifier during building.

Next task: reading through the manuals.

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  1. Hi Adam

    I'm local to Wellington, I build audio gear for fun and I have an analog scope and other gear you can borrow.

    If your keen hit me up at